7 must-have functionalities to consider before buying an HR analytics software

By Skizzle | June 15, 2021

Your HR department is an important aspect of any organization, whether it’s a major corporation or a brand-new start-up.

This is why choosing and using the correct HR analytics software is critical for success in today’s business world. It’s no surprise that HR processes and procedures have changed as technology has advanced and played a larger role in defining business operations. Unsurprisingly, HR analytics is at the heart of it.

hr analytics features

Choosing Human Resources analytics software might be difficult with so many options available. Here are some features to think about while choosing the right tool for your company:

Before we get into the features of HR Analytics Software, let’s take a look at what HR Analytics Software is;


What Is Human Resources Analytics Software?

People analytics software is an integration of corporate application and technique that uses statistic models for employee-related data, allowing company leaders to optimize management of human resources and to improve business outputs. It is also referred to as People Analytics, Talent analytics, or Workforce analytics.

HR analytics software is built with exquisite features and functionalities that provide more state-of-the-art insights. In order to provide you with realistic profit margin reports, this intelligentsia of your program goes virtually beyond recruiting and re-organizing departmental structures.


Essential Features to Consider in HR Analytics Software


System Customization and Scalability

HR analytics software should be tailored to each firm. Isn’t that so? Select a solution that is adaptable and allows you to tailor analytics to your specific procedures and needs. And one that grows with your business.


Role-based access and collaboration

An excellent bet is to use an analytical tool that presents data based on roles and functions. More high-level data may be required by a CHRO. For instance, how well the company is doing in terms of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, or data that can aid in the prediction of specific outcomes. A senior HR executive, on the other hand, maybe more interested in observing patterns in employee time and attendance or determining the causes of attrition. Role-based dashboards are available on platforms like SkizzleHR, making it extremely easy for HR professionals at all levels.



Having the capacity to use data acquired on manhours, retention, employee performance, and satisfaction strategically could give you an operational advantage. Learn about the various cross-referencing analytics that is available to assist you in reviewing your data.


Choose a platform that can pull data from all other business processes and bring you to the insights that matter, whether it’s headcount, mood analysis, or attrition.


Powered with visual technology

What you can see better, you can comprehend better. A smart and dynamic display of large and complicated data can assist you in recognizing trends more clearly and quickly. Because complicated data cannot be represented with simple charts and graphs. Be sure the HR analytics platform you choose includes powerful visualization technologies.


User-Friendly Interface

Choose a Human Analytics software that isn’t overly complicated, so your employees won’t require any training to figure out how to use it.

It’s pointless to use a platform that demands consulting a manual with every click! Your HR analytics platform should be as simple to use as any other consumer app. Platforms like SkizzleHR provide an easy user interface that makes it simple to go through hard data and complicated analytics. Choose a tool that requires little or no training for your employees to utilize.


Reliable Support

Having said that, no matter how simple the platform is to use, you will encounter difficulties from time to time. You may require assistance establishing a new set of data points if your organization’s structure changes, you reorganize some functions, or you just need help establishing a new set of data points.


For that, you’ll need a platform that can give round-the-clock assistance. Examine the provider’s technical skill and knowledge, and only buy it if you’re satisfied.



Using a cloud-based platform rather than an on-premise platform allows for better accessibility without the need for complex IT integrations. This gives you the freedom to utilize the tool whenever and wherever you want.


Closing Thoughts

Organizations can now streamline the entire process of data structuring and analysis under one platform with SkizzleHR, a new-age cloud HCM.

You need powerful analytics to predict outcomes and stay ahead of the curve now that data is the new currency. To be able to advise the C-suite and play a larger role in the organization, you need precise findings that are tailored to your needs. Select your HR analytics wisely.

With a solid HRMS, you’ll be more efficient than ever before, from employee onboarding to employee exit. Start your search for the ideal platform by taking a look at SkizzleHR, which offers a one-year free trial.

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