By Skizzle | July 15, 2022

Since the pandemic hit the world, the new normal is working from home. Gen Y and Gen Z are the largest workforce units of human resources. They are grown up with the internet and smart devices. So, technology is non-ignorant.

To stay in the game, HR professionals need to integrate HR tools into employee’s work life that gave them more efficiency and easiness while increasing productivity. Information sharing to the remote workforce is automated when digital communication channels were deployed.

Let’s see the HR Tech trends of 2022


The popularity of Employee Self-Service Tools

In recent times, employees have wanted to manage their personal information with an Employee Self Service System. With this, employees can access HR-related activities without the help of an HR manager. Employees can update their personal information and employee-initiated status through ESS. Whereas, employers can update on holidays and other relevant information. This system provides efficient HR information that results in high employee engagement.


Employee Wellness and Safety

Employee wellness and safety play a crucial role in performance management. Physical and mental wellbeing checkup tools are integrated with HR software to meet the physical and mental needs of employees working from home and during flexible work hours. For example, in companies that allocated employee benefits during the pandemic, their workers showed better performance results.


Hybrid Work Environment

The pandemic resulted in working remotely. Previously, most of the job interviews took place in offices. But during lockdowns and imposed travel restrictions this became difficult. Many companies chose technologies like Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams to conduct interviews.

Training and onboarding functions might take place in hybrid work environments, with some employees joining remotely and others joining on-site. In a hybrid work model, organizations can stay more competitive in today’s business world.


Blockchain in HR Tech

With key-based access, Blockchain registries protect data from unauthorized access. It ensures security options in managing confidential data about the company and its employees, authorizing recruiters to verify employee data, and improving the quality of the system through collaboration between talent departments.

Evolution of Performance Appraisal

Human resource technology managers should start reviewing key performance indicators for performance appraisal. The annual appraisal is coming to an end, upgrading to frequent reviews from employers. 360 Degree Appraisal, a holistic performance management review is encouraged.

For example, Goal setting tool, ‘Objective & Key Results’ are used in HR tech to set challenging goals with measurable results. It helps the employer track and aligns the objectives with the company vision and mission.

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Inclusive Recruitment

‍With HR Tech software, the hiring process became lesser biased by human intervention, which resulted in an inclusive recruitment process. The inclusive recruitment process ensures equal opportunity for every candidate, this type of recruiting equalizes HR functions.


Improves Company Culture

‍Human Capital Management Software helps HR managers to know the organizational vision, mission, culture, values, and ethics. A clear understanding allows them to attract new talents that align with the company’s culture and values. Recruiting the right talent for the right job and their retention is made easier with HR tech.


User Experience Forecasting

‍Day-by-day updates in the HR tech software lie on the anticipation of user needs in the future. With constant improvements, it ensures personalization and aims to disseminate information to employees. Thus, ease of use and responsiveness are the focus of efficient HR tech software.


Bridging Generation Gaps

‍HR tech software does not discriminate against employees on the basis of the cohort. This nurtures effective interaction between employees because every employee is given an equal amount of information. Here employees feel more motivated and accountable for their contributions which results in the organization’s success.


Artificial Intelligence(AI) in HR Tech

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is widely used in recruiting and hiring the right talent, concerning searching, interviewing, and onboarding remotely. Organizations are incorporating AI into their day-to-day activities, and this trend will continue in 2022 and in the future. AI assists in shortlisting and enquiring candidates, this will improve over time, making it a quintessential component in recruitment and hiring.


Vacation Time Tracking System

HR professionals will have access to calculate and keep track of employee vacation, sick leave, and paid time off with Vacation Time Tracking. This system will then measure the actual number of hours that an employee worked or spent in the company.


Social HR

Looking at social media applications, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, HR tech is trying to connect employees in an organization under one roof. Where they can share the latest information resulting in quick communication. This entertains the employees staying them alive throughout working hours.


Redefining Payroll

Payroll in 2022 allows organizations to pay contractors and freelancers along with their permanent employees. HR professionals can pay them by paychecks or direct deposits. It can be used to calculate nation, state, and local taxes. Employees are given access to the tax forms as well as they can make filings. Payrolls can even be exported to foreign software or companies.


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