Top Trends In HR That Will Dominate 2021 & Beyond

By Skizzle | February 12, 2021

Every aspect of our life, at home and at work has been affected by COVID- 19. The shift that has made has affected the way employees work and interact with their peers and of course with the broader ecosystem. The HR leaders need to concentrate on this behavioral change when they begin to plan for the new normal beyond the pandemic.

COVID has forced the entire HR world to adapt HR strategy to the new circumstances. In this unprecedented situation, the main task was to ensure business continuity. Let’s look at top HR tech trends that could dominate human resource sectors in 2021 and beyond.

Living at work – the new normal

For most of the workforce, one of the most noticeable shifts in 2020 was the global overnight transition to remote work. Although work from home has become a largely popular event for skilled professionals before the pandemic began, many organizations were there that don’t even have a proper work from home policy in place. However, were ready to go completely remote.

Though we don’t assume the pandemic to turn any organization that can become fully distributed, we agree that working from home will stay as an integral part of our work.

Major companies like Twitter, Square, and Capital One recently confirmed that working from home is here to stay, even post-COVID. Similarly, Microsoft has announced plans to incorporate a “hybrid work environment”, offering more flexibility for their workers as the pandemic subsides.

The era of cloud-based HR solutions

As we discussed above, work from home is here to stay. In such a scenario, although collaboration and productivity tools such as Slack and Trello are vital to the cloud transformation, HR applications should also be cloud-based. It is only possible through the use of cloud-based HR software for people management procedures which fulfill the demand of globally dispersed teams in a fast and scalable way.

One of the two major benefits of Cloud-based HR software is that it enables HR to access and make decisions in real-time on employee data. Also, the cloud-based self-service tools often give employees much more control over their data. This way, companies can easily evaluate their employee’s productivity and engagement.

New ways of onboarding

The pandemic has revolutionized how leaders and employees think about jobs. The role of HR leaders is to make a robust and productive remote work culture that captures all aspects of the recruitment cycle. This is encouraged by greater access to talent pools, where they can select their next and first jobs.

Remote work has an impact on business for the long term. The HR leadership will be encouraged to further optimize talents and business development plans. This involves onboarding talents, online evaluations, and alignments between the position and role of an employee with the overall organizational objectives. This will be the core for business success and in winning the talent war in the new normal.

Develop a continuous learning culture

It is not denied that rapid development in AI would alter the nature of work. As per AI guru Kai-Fu Lee, within 15 years, almost 50% of all jobs will be automated by AI.  This means that the nature of the work is shifting.

skizzlehr | new-age hrms software solution

Commitment can be gained by training the workers for this shift. This is where the importance of HR software that adapts to learning and growth comes in. In a world where technology is changing rapidly, not only up-skilling in the current job position is vital, but it is also important to build more transferable skills and competencies.

Having software that invests in soft skills training such as communication, being a great team player, workforce management, etc., has become relevant in a world where automation can take over repetitive tasks.

Performance management is crucial

Performance management is going to become a procedure that will be real-time, ongoing, and integrated. To build a cycle of expectation-setting and feedback, HR technology will be increasingly used, which will in turn ensure much better monitoring and enhancement of employee performance.

The annual appraisal tradition is approaching its end and companies are upgrading to more periodic, say quarterly/monthly assessments with the potential to do even fine-grained check-ins (weekly). Feedback interventions such as Feedback 360 are gradually being implemented by organizations to make their performance management truly interactive.

Automation and data analytics will play a significant role

Throughout the employee life cycle, HR as a function will continue to expand on automation. HR has become more agile with the use of data over the years to assess employee experience and to make great decisions. We will see a significant focus on the management and organization of such data in the future, and thus a high level of imports to data governance.

hr tech trends in 2021 and beyond

There is a need to assist employees in day-to-day functioning as companies continue to work remotely & with new priorities. In order to create a resilient and sustainable future, HR leaders will have to adapt to these disruptions in an agile way by using automation to the fullest to balance the organization’s and employees’ needs.


The reality that technology has been rewriting conventional HR practices for the last few years is hard to deny. It is fair to say that everybody’s working environment is already evolving and will continue to change in coming years, whether it is the continuous approach in performance management, or improving the upskilling opportunities within the organization, or even using artificial intelligence to screen their candidates

SkizzleHR is one of such amazing platforms that allows you to make smarter decisions when it comes to the HR process from hire-to-retire and thus increase the strategic value generated across the whole process; right from raising requisitions and onboarding to managing results, 360-degree feedback, and hassle-free exit management.

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