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Accelerating Product Development with DevOps

DevOps is an approach based on lean and agile principles that aim to break down traditional barriers to allow faster software releases. Our DevOps services emphasizes communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and IT operations.

Why You Should Choose DevOps?

  • If your need is to speed up the deployment of products or services
  • DevOps prevents risky deployments and release rollbacks
  • If you wish to minimizes time and effort for error recovery
  • Reduces integration and configuration problems
  • Ensures a common operating environment
  • Brings better synergy between development and ops teams

DevOps assessment

Identifying pain points is key to successful deployment across the enterprise.

DevOps project recovery consulting

Our engineers help in finding & fixing collaboration problems between development, testing & operations teams and more.

DevOps automation

Processes in pipelines move seamlessly with lesser costs and fewer delays.

DevOps tech consulting

Helps you in choosing, installing and configuring the right tools for an efficient DevOps environment.

Reinventing Your Enterprise Business Applications

Skizzle helps enterprise to overcome their specific problems and challenges.

Our DevOps Engineering Services & Solutions:

  • DevOps Assessment & Planning

    Assessment and planning solutions from Skizzle help your business achieve fast and seamless delivery of your products/services on and off the cloud. Our team of adept experts can assess your DevOps practices, audit your existing infrastructure, analyze key points for your business, and recommend processes & tools, which simplify deployment and make it hassle free.

  • DevOps Consulting

    Our DevOps Consulting Services are aimed to help start-ups & enterprises navigate the agile and DevOps lifecycle from advisory, consulting to execution & transformation. Our consulting services are tailored to fit our customer’s needs and work effectively with various Cloud platform.

  • Continuous Integration & Delivery (CI/CD)

    CI and CD play a very crucial role in automating the software delivery process. CI/CD helps to reduce the total time of production cycle which in turn results in an error-free and speedy release of the product/services. This will eventually help in cost-saving. Our certified DevOps engineers can assist you from planning to implementing fully-automated build compatible with various platforms, different sets of unit tests, user access tests, and debugging and we make sure your budget won’t drained out.

  • Multi-cloud Support

    Multi-cloud is now a reality for many organizations, and it comes with challenges. A managed cloud service provider can help you through every stage of this journey — from planning, migrating, optimizing and securing — so you can experience the business-changing results of a transformed IT organization. Our Multi-Cloud experts are capable of mitigating all the hurdles and can provide the best-fit solutions in your IT modernization journey.

  • Monitoring & Analytics

    Monitoring to your infrastructure is another vital aspect for any business growth. Our DevOps monitoring and analytics solutions enables the visibility of Microservices applications and Continuous Delivery Pipeline which help our DevOps engineers to keep an eye on any potential errors and to report them in a timely manner.

Technologies We Use

  • Languages
  • Database
  • Frameworks
  • Testing Tools
  • Industry verticals We Work With

    Our team is specialised in a wide array of industry verticals

    • HealthCare

    • Oil & Gas

    • Logistics

    • Education

    • Retail

    • Finance

    • Wellness & Fitness

    • Transportation

    • Travel

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