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SkizzleSignage - Digital Signage Solution

Schedule and deploy advertisements, promotions, digital menus, waiting room messages, conference room schedules, emergency messages, inventory totals, digital price tags, leader boards, and employee communications.

All in real-time

Whatever your digital signage ambitions require; we can provide a solution. Ready to get started? Get your digital signage functioning today with SkizzleSignage.

We provide the complete package from installation, support, training, content design, and scheduling. Our cloud-based software allows the flexibility to schedule content from single images, slideshows, videos, Twitter walls, YouTube playlists, news feeds, weather updates, noticeboards, and bespoke solutions – all in either landscape or portrait modes. Using advanced caching we make sure if there is a connection interruption content will still be displayed. If there is a problem with power the system will automatically reboot and continue with scheduled content.

How Does It Works ?

A digital signage solution allows any business to easily showcase their products, services, or any other content quickly, easily, and cost-effectively attracting a wider audience and boost awareness and sales. Available in all shapes and sizes, from single screens in portrait mode through to multiple screens in landscape mode running targeted content at a specific time of the day.

Users can customize and publish content for a multitude of campaigns from a single content management system hosted in Microsoft’s cloud platform, Azure. SkizzleSignage makes it easier than ever for you to put meaningful content on any screen, in any location. Use it to control one screen, or a thousand, from anywhere in the world. Our solutions work well in public spaces, leisure environments, hotels, restaurants, healthcare, education, commercial.

  • Increases sales & reduce cost
  • Engaging & rich content
  • Simple to use & environmentally friendly
  • Brand engagement

Key Features of Skizzle Signage

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