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Enhancing business values by reducing product life-cycles

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Innovating the Future with Product Engineering for Enterprises

Skizzle assists our customers in engineering innovative products and solutions that enhance their investment in existing assets and intensify them to hybrid solutions that deliver business results through dynamic next-generation technologies.

With the emergence of new technologies, businesses are inspired to build cutting-edge products across the wide continuum of product engineering. Skizzle’s product development competence has effectively accelerated the rate of product innovation across industries. Our integrated product development approaches seek to have a positive influence on the business values of our customers.

Why Skizzle for your Product Engineering?

Our unique blend of digital engineering and domain experts provide:

  • High performance & scalable engineering for diverse business domains
  • We ensure faster time-to-market of your product
  • We guarantee superior and secure performance
  • Reduced cost
  • Improved ROI

Custom products

We assure to fulfill all our clients’ business needs with a customized technical product.

Ensuring continuity

We ensure that our clients have the highest standards in business continuity.

Cost efficiency

Our effective model for product support and maintenance enhances our cost-efficiency.

High-quality product or solution

We make sure that we always deliver our customers with a high-quality product or solution.

Scalable product

As your business grows, all our services can be scaled automatically. We offer highly scalable and reliable products & solutions.

Smooth delivery

we also ensure the smooth and continuous delivery of products and solutions.

Reinventing Your Enterprise Business Applications

Skizzle helps enterprise to overcome their specific problems and challenges.

Our Product Engineering Approach

Right from consulting to designing the user interface, from developing to testing and deploying the product, we offer services and solutions across the wide spectrum of product engineering. Furthermore, ensuring to meet the demand of evolving market by improving the performance, scalability and security of your product.

  • Product Ideation & Strategy

    Skizzle’s experienced team of digital strategists can turn the ideas into live products. Our product strategy helps you navigate the entire product engineering journey seamlessly- from ideation to implementation. We provide a roadmap with a blend of technical expertise, creativity and commitment that covers the full spectrum of product engineering solutions.

    • Product conceptualization
    • Market research and analysis
    • Documentation of requirements
    • Specification of goals
    • Selection of appropriate technologies
    • Plan validation
  • Application Engineering

    To build sophisticated products that deliver tangible impact to your market, we provide a full range of product architecture services. Our expertise in product architecture helps to identify the associated risks and mitigates them at an early stage. With digital solutions for a large number of complex engagements in place, we have built and worked on native mobile applications on iOS and Android as well as across cross-platform applications.

    • Architecture analysis
    • Architecture assessment
    • Architecture design and modeling
    • Architecture evaluation
    • Architecture evolution and documentation
  • Product Design

    We have a dedicated design team at Skizzle which has highly experienced UX/UI designers. We follow the concepts of user-center design, and we design world-class products with highly intuitive interfaces.

    • Prototyping
    • Architecture deign
    • UI & UX development
    • Wireframing
    • Usability testing
  • Product Integration

    With the Product Integration Service of Skizzle, businesses can easily tackle the challenges of enterprise product integration. Not only can we simplify your current enterprise-to-cloud, cloud-to-cloud and technology integration demands, but we also provide a versatile architecture that can be easily customized to your business needs in the future.

    • System interconnectivity
    • Enabling communication and improving productivity
    • Providing accurate data
    • Ensuring real-time updates
    • Co-ordinate and automate business processes
  • Product Testing

    We provided end-to-end testing services on Mobile, Web and Cloud. Our quality coding methodology, innovative testing tools and frameworks help companies guarantee scalable products that adopt time-to-market quickly.

    • Testing phase
    • Test report generation
    • Quality assurance
  • Support & Maintenance

    We have a dedicated team of technical support experts to provide you with multi-level support. Our post-deployment services guarantee seamless performance, operation continuity and optimal functioning of the product.

    • Ongoing maintenance & technical support
    • Reliable reporting system
    • Prompt response
    • Quick fix

Technologies We Use

  • Languages
  • Database
  • Frameworks
  • Testing Tools
  • Industry verticals We Work With

    Our team is specialised in a wide array of industry verticals

    • HealthCare

    • Oil & Gas

    • Logistics

    • Education

    • Retail

    • Finance

    • Wellness & Fitness

    • Transportation

    • Travel

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