Top 5 HRMS Software Solutions for Startups & Small Medium Businesses in India in 2021 & Beyond

By Skizzle | February 15, 2021

The capabilities of hr software solutions these days are growing along with the priorities of HR departments. Human resource management programs can currently manage topics as diverse as disciplinary incidents and payroll. The best HR software allows users to handle the challenges of recruiting, retirement, administration, and performance management.

Before jumping to top HRMS software solutions in India, let’s look at what and how an hr management software should be in 2021 and beyond.

SkizzleHR | end to end hrms software solution

HRMS system enables you to manage employee records from a desktop app, a web browser, or even a mobile application. Some give you the opportunity to combine applicant tracking (AT), benefits management, and performance management so that you can monitor the accomplishment of your employee from recruitment to retirement.

As most of the advanced HR management capabilities are inbuilt using SaaS, it’s pretty easy for companies of any size to incorporate these solutions. Their offerings usually are affordable when compared to the older on-premises solutions. Cloud-based SaaS HRMS not only easy to integrate with other back-office SaaS tools, such as accounting, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications but also comes with intuitive UI/UX.

With so many SaaS HRMS out there in the market, you must be very clear in selecting one as per your business needs. Before purchasing an HRMS, you’ll want to consider various key elements such as

  • Does its user interface (UI) offer an intuitive experience?
  • Is the solution scalable as your company grows?
  • If the software fails at any point, what support/service does the vendor offer to you?
  • Pricing, and a lot more

To make your effort a little simpler, we have listed out 5 top HR management software solutions in India. Let’s dive in.


1. SkizzleHR 

SkizzleHR | Free hrms software solution in india


SkizzleHR is a cloud-based SaaS HR management software that aims to provide end-to-end HRMS solutions from hire-to-retire.

It covers the entire employee lifecycle and aims to simplify, streamline and optimize your HR process. Its modular approach allows your HR/Administrator team to effortlessly manage attendance, leave, onboarding, appraisal, separation and report generation, and much more.


SkizzleHR features

  • Core HR Management
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Hiring & Onboarding
  • Leave Management
  • Expense Management
  • Time Management
  • Analytics
  • Employee Self-service
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Disciplinary Incident Management
  • Exit Management



SkizzleHR is in Beta. Joining SkizzleHR Beta guarantees you the following benefits:

  • Get unrestricted access to all features one-year FREE
  • Get significant price reduction post-beta
  • Automatic enrolment to platinum support program
  • Priority product updates

Be a part of SkizzleHR Beta and get rewarded. You can join SkizzleHR Beta by completing the form given here.


2. GreytHR


Source: GreytHR

Launched in 1994, GreytHR is one of the old and best HR software available in India. Greytip provides the entire lifecycle management of an employee including management of his or her information, leave, attendance, and payroll processing, and more. The company targets small and medium enterprises. They state to be helping only the technology side of the business, through its product GreytHR.


GreytHR features

  • Payroll Processing + Statutory Compliance
  • Core HR Management
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Employee Lifecycle Management



GreytHR offers four pricing plans for you to choose from. The plan starts from a Free for lifetime plan with a business having less than 25 employees to Cruiser Plan (the top plan) starting at ₹4995/month.


3. Kredily


Source: Kredily

Kredily is a cloud-based software that offers a complete HRM and Payroll solution for enterprises to automate their workflows. They are known for their Free version of the software. With Kredily you can manage employee data, leaves, track attendance & automate payroll.


Kredily features

  • Payroll Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Employee Self-Service Portal
  • PF, ESI, PT & TDS Statutory compliances
  • Customizable and unlimited Salary Structures
  • Geo-tracking
  • Biometric Integration



Kredily comes with three plans: Free Forever, Professional & Enterprise plan. The professional plan starts with ₹1499/Month/up to 25 employees. One can customize their plan if they are opting for an Enterprise plan.


4. sumHR


Source: SumHR

SumHR is another HRMS provider that aims to help startups and SMEs streamline their HR & Payroll processes. It aims to challenge the perception of human resource management by making the lives of HR professionals easier by automating regular tasks.

SumHR provides a modern cloud-based HR software that reduces paperwork, increases employee productivity, and allows your HR team to help your organization reach its goals.


SumHR features

  • Attendance Monitoring
  • Leaves Tracking
  • Biometrics Integrations
  • Payroll Automation
  • Project Timesheets
  • Onboarding/Exit Checklists
  • HR Helpdesk
  • Performance Management
  • Document Management
  • Recruitment Management



SumHR comes with 3 main plans – Start, Grow & Business. Pricing starts from 75 INR to 149 INR per month. Moreover, you can customize your plan as per your business need.


5. ZingHR


Source: ZingHR

ZingHR is one of the oldest HRM providers in India. ZingHR adopts an employee-centric, mobile-first approach covering the entire spectrum from employee recruitment to employee exit. From startups to medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises, a cross-section of industries chooses ZingHR to deliver business strategy alignment, team execution, and maximum people performance.


ZingHR features

  • Employee Self Service Portal
  • Employee Data Management
  • Leave Management Platform
  • Claims Management
  • Salary Structure Configuration
  • Investment Declaration Workflow
  • Payroll Processing
  • Full & Final Settlement Engine
  • Statutory Compliance Engine
  • Reports Engine
  • Onboarding & Appointment Letters



ZingHR offers four pricing plans starting with the Welcome plan to the Turbo plan. You can also customize the plan as per the business need.


To Sum Up

We have listed the top 5 HRMS software solutions available in India from our favorite lists. you can choose for your organization from the above list as per your budget and business requirements. So, what are you thinking? Just try these amazing products to automate time-consuming and mundane HR & Payroll tasks.

Comment below if you are already using any of the above or you have your own favorite lists.

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